About Us

Case Me is a brand of phone cases designed to eliminate the use of carrying cash by replacing this with one simple solution. These phone cases are designed to safely store your bank cards without the trouble of carrying a wallet or bag.

The idea was borne in order to eliminate the risk of transferring and contracting harmful diseases and bacteria; more specifically to combat the spread of Covid 19. As cash is notoriously covered in germs; studies suggest that paper bills can can contain bacteria and viruses, plus lead to the spread of disease. 

The idea of the phone case is to eliminate the possibility of contracting germs and viruses that are transmitted on cash and replacing this with one tool that only you will be in direct with - your credit/debit card.

Not only does this phone case reduce the possibility of contracting germs, it also adds so much comfort and convenience by not having to carry a wallet full of cash.

We are continuing to make life a little easier one phone case at a time.